They just don’t know

We can’t blame people who don’t know…

Those who have no experience of autism, who don’t have it themselves, don’t work with autistic individuals, don’t have a family member who is autistic are ignorant of the difficulties faced by those on the spectrum. This isn’t there fault, there are many things I am ignorant of I will freely admit that but it’s simply a case of never coming into contact with the subject or never having a need to find out more about it that is the cause. We seem to be expecting the world to go and find out about autism and educate themselves, something they are simply not going to do for themselves without a reason. Therefore, it is our job as autistic people, there parents and carers and people who work with autistic individuals to make sure that information about autism is everywhere if we want people to understand WE need to make that happen. We need to make sure that it is unavoidable for people find out about autism. This way we will reduce ignorance and increase understanding and empathy among the general population. Use social media, talk to people, don’t be afraid to say my child is autistic, I AM AUTISTIC! Tell people what it means, how it affects you or your child or someone you know. It is certainly nothing to be ashamed of and in order for autistic people to live happy healthy long lives changes need to happen and these will only come about if everyone who cares enough makes a noise about it. Lets make autism just another kind of ‘normal’. I know it sounds over ambitious but we need to create a society where everyone feels like they fit in and belong, where there are places that feel comfortable for those who are over whelmed easily, where no one stares at those who flap due to excitement, where there are schools that can actually cater for the varying needs of the autistic child etc etc etc. It seems wrong that we need to fight for this to happen but the truth is that we do. If we want anything to happen, we are going to have to fight and struggle to get there. But if we come together and show we aren’t afraid or ashamed to make that happen it might just… I know it wont be easy but it would be amazing don’t you think?

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