So here is a brief introduction.


I’m a married mother of 4 children (a daughter and 3 sons). My middle 2 children (aged 7 & 12), both boys, are diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum, the younger of the 2 has also just been diagnosed with ADHD too. My youngest son is not yet 2 years old but I already suspect he will go though a diagnosis at some point in the future. My eldest child, my only daughter, shows many trains of  being on the spectrum but it seems a diagnosis for a high functioning girl of 13 is very unlikely.  I myself have been lucky enough to be placed on a waiting list to undergo an autism assessment, however I have been on that waiting list for 11 months with no sign of an appointment. There’s also my long suffering husband who has to sit and wonder what he got himself into!

As of September 2018 I will be studying for an MA in Education during which my main focus will be how we can improve experiences and outcomes for autistic children in mainstream primary schools. Something, as you can imagine, that is very close to home.

This is just a brief outline of our current situation as I want to talk about more specific things in my blog posts. I want to share with you the ups and downs of being a family full of autistic minds. Hopefully some of you will be enlightened by the things you read and some of you will already know the struggles as well as the positives and be able to relate to our situation. Either way I would love to hear your thoughts.